Set up a limit threshold

Clients can define a threshold of applicable limits against which either an email is sent and/or an approval code is necessary for quoting to continue.

Important points about this feature are:

  • The threshold applies to BriteQuote and BriteCore users (agents and staff)
  • When the limit of the selected item(s) exceeds the threshold
    • An email will be sent to the designated contacts
    • If the approval code setting is checked, the user will receive a pop-up with the defined working and a prompt for an Approval Code. No further changes to the policy can occur until the Approval Code is entered.
    • The authorized user enters the Approval Code on the policy in the Administrative Portal of BriteCore. This means the authorized user does not need to login to the Agent Portal to enter the Approval Code.
    • Once the correct code is entered, the user will be able to proceed with the quote, application, or policy. The following will be true:
      • If an application, it must be submitted unbound
      • All limits below the approved limit will automatically be approved
      • All limits above the approved limit must be approved again
  • Whether the Approval Code is entered correctly, a note will be created in the policy’s Notes tab
  • The Approval Code is stored in the database to keep unauthorized users from accessing it
  • If Loss Exposure Groups are used to group risks, the limit threshold applies only to those tagged items that are within the same-numbered group

Preliminary work

  1. Determine the applicable coverage limits and value for each policy type. For example, when Homeowner’s Coverages A, B, C, and D limits are greater than $1,000,000, send an email
  2. Determine if an approval code will be needed in order to process policies where the limit is above the threshold
  3. Designate an authorized user who will maintain and enter the approval code when necessary
  4. Determine an approval code

Set up in the Lines module

  1. For each applicable policy type, enter an amount for the Limit threshold upon which a policy of this policy type sends an administrative alert setting in Lines > Effective Date > Policy Type
  2. If an approval code is desired, check the When this threshold is reached, a policy of this policy type can’t be written without administrative approval box
  3. When the limit is reached, a popup will generate. Enter wording for that popup in Text for popup when limit threshold is reached. For example, “You have requested limits above $1 million in coverage. Please contact the Underwriting Department for approval.

Set up System Tags

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > System Tags.
  2. Select the Reinsurance Limits tag.
  3. Select the Effective Date.
  4. Select Tag New Items.
  5. Locate the coverage(s) whose limits should be considered when calculating the threshold.
  6. Select the box.
  7. Repeat for all applicable coverages.
  8. Select Done.

Set up the alert

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Lines.
  2. Enter an email address(es) for Limit Threshold Reached, Administrative Approval Required. When the limit threshold is reached in either the Agent or Administrative Portal, the email below is sent:

Property limit threshold reached – 10-2016-1
The property limit threshold has been reached, please review.
[link to policy]

Create a custom quoting limit threshold error message

The limit-threshold-submission-error advanced setting allows users to create a custom error message that will be displayed if an agent tries to submit an application that exceeds the quoting limit threshold.

To enable:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  2. Search limit-threshold-submission-error.
  3. In the Setting Value box, type the custom error message.