Set up access to Agent Manual

You can provide a link to manuals for access by agents within the Agent portal. Manuals can be provided on a per-policy-type basis.

To provide a link to the agent manual:

  1. Navigate to Lines > Attachments.
  2. Create a new folder titled Manuals or add to an existing folder.
  3. Upload your manual.
  4. Once uploaded, click on the manual and copy the URL.
  5. Navigate back to the Effective Dates tab.
  6. Select the appropriate effective date.
  7. Select the appropriate policy type.
  8. In the Underwriting Guidelines section of the policy type, copy this HTML syntax:

    <a href=”PASTE THE URL HERE” onclick=”‘PASTE THE SAME URL HERE’,’_new’);return_false:”>PUT THE NAME OF THE DOCUMENT HERE</a>

  9. Insert the URL and document wording into the HTML syntax: