Set up Agent login dashboard

Clients can display custom text and images on the Agent portal dashboard, which is the first screen agents see after logging in. The text can display any messages to agents, including links to documentation and important news. The dashboard content is built in the Agent Dashboard Text section in Settings > Modules > Agent Portal.

Getting Started

  1. Either open two browsers (such as Firefox and Chrome) or open an incognito window in the same browser.
  2. In one window (W1), log into the Provider Provider Administrator portal and navigate to Settings > Modules > Agent Portal > Agent Dashboard Text.
  3. In the other window (W2), log in as an agent.
  4. As you make changes to the dashboard text in W1, select Save.
  5. In W2, refresh the screen to immediately see the effects of your changes to the text.


  1. Navigate to Lines > Attachments.
  2. Select New Folder.
  3. Label the folder Logos.
  4. Upload a high-quality logo image.
  5. Once uploaded, select the file.
  6. Copy the URL of the image.
  7. Paste the URL into the img src and update the other parameters as desired. Use the below syntax as an example in the Agent Dashboard Text section:
    [div style=”text-align: center;”] [a href=” “] [img src=” ” style=”width: 200px; padding: 20px 0px;”] [/a] [/div]


Headers can be of any size and text, see the examples below:

  • <h3>TRAINING VIDEOS</h3>
  • <h3>Important updates</h3>

Section Divider

Use <hr/> to add a horizontal line between sections.


  • Use <ul></ul> (unordered list) or <ol></ol> (ordered list) with <li></li> (line item) to create a list:
    • For example:
      <ul><li>Endorsements: Once you complete your endorsement, please type the changes you made in the Additional Description box. This will help process the endorsement more quickly. For additional information, please see the picture and ‘Endorsement on In-Force Policies’ video below.</li>
      Minimum Payment: The minimum required payment with the application is the first installment of the chosen billing schedule if Insured billed. New Business applications that are escrow/mortgagee-billed do not require a minimum payment.</li></ul>
  • Use <p></p> (paragraph) and <b></b>(bold) tags to communicate your message:
    • For example:
      <p>Gift cards are available to agencies surpassing the production goals!</p>

      (paragraph) and (bold) tags to communicate your message:

  • Use style to add color to text:
    • For example:
      <h3 style=”color:red”>Quoting suspended due to hurricane</h3>


  • To open in the same window use: <a href=”this is your link”> This is what the user sees.</a>
  • To open in a new window use: <a href=”this is your link” target=”_blank”>This is what the user sees.</a>