Set up agent logins

There are three methods for assigning logins to agents:

  • Conversion method: Convert agents’ usernames and passwords into BriteCore.
  • Manual method for staff: Manually type the agents’ usernames and passwords into BriteCore, whether those are the current credentials or new credentials for BriteCore.
  • Agent-initiated method: This is a hybrid of the two above methods. Convert or manually enter the username and email address for each agent. Once your site is live, agents can use the Can’t Remember function to receive a temporary password then assign him/herself a new password within BriteCore.

Disable setting for login credential notification emails

When the emailOnCreate setting is enabled, clients receive an email with the login credentials assigned to them. The emailOnCreate setting sends an email containing login information to a contact when a set of login credentials are created or assigned to a contact. This setting is on by default. Sent emails can be viewed under Contacts > Notes.

To disable emails to contacts:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  2. Search for emailOnCreate.
  3. Select False.

Login notification emails will only be sent to administrators.