Set up auto-pay

You can add new business and existing policies to auto-pay.

Add new business to auto-pay

You can add new business to auto-pay in the quote or policy workflow. In the Provider Administrator portal, you can submit billing auto-pay information in the policy flow. In the Agent portal, you can submit billing auto-pay information in the quote flow only in these situations:

  • The application requires underwriter review and it is reviewed and approved by an underwriter.
  • The application doesn’t require underwriter review.
  • You’re submitting an unbound application and the advanced setting no-initial-payment-unbound is set to False.

To add new business to auto-pay, on the Billing tab in the policy or quote workflow:

  1. Navigate to the Send Bill To section. Ensure the correct Contact and Mailing Address/Email Address are displayed. If not, select the correct Contact and/or Mailing Address/Email Address from the associated dropdown lists.
  2. From the Payment Schedule dropdown list, in the Payment Method section, select the billing schedule.
  3. Under Select a Method, select the radio button associated with the auto-pay option you want to use. By default, Manual Pay: Cash, Check, Money Order is selected.
  4. Select Continue Adding Policy.

Add new form of auto-pay

If you don’t see the auto-pay option you want to use, in the Select a Method section:

  1. Select the radio button next to Add a new Credit Card or Add a new ACH Account.
  2. Add the credit card or checking account information.
  3. Navigate to the Withdraw Date section. By default, funds withdraw on the due date. To change when funds withdraw:
    1. Select Change.
    2. Use the number picker to select the number of days before the due date that you want funds withdrawn.

Add policy to auto-pay

By default, a policy’s Payment Method is set to Manual Pay: Check, Cash, Money Order. However, a policyholder may want their payment automatically withdrawn from a checking account or credit card. The payment method can be changed to auto-pay on the Accounts Receivable screen of the policy.

From the Billing Setup area of the Accounts Receivable screen:

  1. Beside Payment Method, select Add.
  2. Select Credit Card or ACH.
  3. Add the credit card or checking account information.
  4. Select Billing address for account is the same as the contact’s primary address or add a billing address.
  5. Select Submit.
  6. From the Payment Method dropdown list, select the payment option the policyholder wants to use.
  7. To change the date funds are withdrawn for an automatic payment, select an option from the Withdraw Funds When dropdown list.

Note: The payment method won’t automatically be updated to auto-pay when you add an auto-pay method. You must select the auto-pay option from the dropdown list.

Usage considerations

After you add a policy to auto-pay, the Pre-Authorized Payment Schedule deliverable will be created. You can’t access the deliverable until the following day, as it isn’t generated automatically. The deliverable is created during nightly processing.