Set up barcodes on invoices

Invoice barcodes can increase efficiency for clients creating batch payment entries. When a barcode is on an invoice and the invoice is returned with payment to the client, then the invoice barcode can be scanned and can automatically create a batch payment entry.

To add a barcode on an invoice, you need to create a custom deliverable with an HTML template. To complete this step:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Deliverables > Mass Deliverables > State > Custom Deliverables.
  2. Select the green + next to Add a Custom Deliverable.
  3. Select the pencil icon next to the new custom deliverable to open the Mass Deliverable Setup dialog box.
  4. In the Custom Deliverable Name box, type the name of your deliverable.
  5. Select the Built in HTML/CSS checkbox.
  6. In the Position 1 box, type the following HTML template:

{% set data = get_all_data() %}
{% set invoice = data{'lastInvoice'] %}

<!DOCTYPE html>
<div><image src="{{ ceate_barcode_image_data_for_invoice_code(invoice) }}"></image></div>
<div>image src="{{ create_barcode_image_data_for_invoice_code(invoice, height=50) }}"></image></div>
<div><image src="{{ create_barcode_image_data_for_invoice_code(invoice, height=150) }}"></image></div>

Note: When you type the HTML template, it will display as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1: HTML template.

When you’re finished typing the HTML template and you have added any additional information to the custom deliverable, select Save. When you generate the deliverable from a policy, the barcode number will populate with the invoice code.