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Set up BriteDocs and classic Deliverables

Bind quote and generate declaration overview

When a quote is bound, it triggers a new transaction in BritePolicies. BritePolicies calls to BriteRules to check for logic related to which (if any) documents, endorsements, or forms should be included depending on the transaction. 

BriteCore checks if BriteDocs is enabled, and the specific deliverable is mapped to BriteDocs. BriteDocs creates the deliverable packet and generates it in the Attachments module. Figure 1 illustrates the BriteDocs integration flow.

Figure 1: BriteDocs integration flow. 

This tutorial walks you through setting up BriteDocs in the Britesuite platform.

Set up BriteDocs and classic Deliverables

Step 1: Enable BriteDocs vendor on BriteCore

Refer to Enable document generation functionality for more details. 

Step 2: Add report types

Refer to Add a custom deliverable for more details.

Step 3: Set up BriteRules form inclusion for the line of business

Refer to our Set up BriteDocs forms inclusion for more details.

Step 4: Configure recipients

For any classic deliverables to render, you must add at least one recipient to each deliverable under every state. 

Step 5: Map documents from BriteDocs to BriteCore

When you create a new or customized template using BriteDocs, you must associate it with the existing deliverable it replaces. To learn more, refer to our BriteDocs documentation.