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Set up BriteDocs and map to BriteLines

Step 1: Deploy BriteDocs to the new client site

Refer to the BriteSuite platform setup guide for more details on setting up a new site.

Step 2: Configure Lines mapping YAML file

When fields are referenced in Templates, Lines returns the referenceName instead of the display label. A mapping from Lines to BriteDocs enables you to display the display label from Lines instead of the referenceName

Follow the steps below: 

  1. Configure Lines mapping YAML file:
    1. Example: Augusta YAML
      1. Add product_name.
      2. Add product_version that needs to be mapped.
      3. Update Mappings based on risk type and field names.
  2. Add the Lines mapping:
    1. Go to the Documents Django Administration dashboard.
    2. On the Django Administration dashboard, under Constance, select Config.
    3. On the Config screen, navigate to the Lines_Mapping section, and then paste the configured YAML code into the Value box.
    4. Select Save.
Figure 2: Config screen in Django administration.