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Set up BriteRules form inclusion

Form inclusion is a project type in Rules used to determine which forms need to be included during the quoting process.

Core concepts

Archtypes: A Rules project type. Archetypes provide the new project with all the setup needed to start creating rules.

Template: Rule type.

For more information, refer to the following documentation:

Step 1: Create a Project 

Generates a New Rules Project with Form Inclusion Archetype and enter the Line & Product Ref Names.

For more details refer to our documentation: Create a Rules project.

Sync the Lines and Commit the Project.

Step 2: Update the Document & Form List

Manually update the Document & Form List in BriteRules configuration:

  • Continuation of Coverage Other
  • Insurance Scoring Notification
  • Auto Declaration
  • Notice of Cancellation
  • Renewal Billing Statement
  • Notice of Non Renewal
  • Endorsement Summary
  • Continuation of Coverage Non Pay
  • Reminder Notice – Renewal Billing Offer
  • Policy Application
  • Initial Billing Statement
  • Quote Summary
  • Combined Billing Statement
  • Declaration
  • Confirmation of Cancellation
  • ID Cards
  • Loss Notice
  • 360 Coverage Summary
  • Return Premium Notice
  • Payoff Balance Summary
  • Installment Billing Statement
  • Insured Letter
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Schedule
  • Claim Acknowledgment Letter
  • Notification of Property Reinsurance loss
  • Notice of Cancellation Non Payment of Premium
  • Notice of Reinstatement
  • Amended Billing Statement

Step 3: Create rules

Generate a new rule using the Form Inclusion Template.

Create a new rule 

For more information on templates refer to our Configure rules using templates 

Step 5: Commit rule changes to a project

For more details, refer to Commit rules change to a project.

Additional resource

Review this demo for a full walkthrough of the above process.