Set up check/cash/money order file uploads

Clients can upload files to the Daily Cash Receipts page. The files can originate from an on-site check scanning device or from the client’s bank.

Vendor Contact

Clients can use any vendor. Presently, BriteCore displays BBT on the Settings > Vendors screen.

BriteCore Set Up

  1. Use any software or bank to generate a file according to these specifications:
    1. A flat TXT file.
    2. Line 0, the first line, is discarded but it contains the date, number of checks, and total amount.
    3. The first 15 digits equate to the BriteCore policy number, with 0’s prepended to form a 15 digit number. If the policy number has dashes, like 10-2012-15, the dashes are removed.
    4. The next 25 digits are the amount of the payment with 0’s prepended.
    5. The final 15 digits are the check numbers.


  2. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > BB&T.
    1. Check the box
      1. An Upload Receivables File button will appear in Policies > Payments > Daily Cash Receipt where you enter check, money order, and cash receivables.
      2. Billing statements will have an OCR scan line on the bottom of page 1. If you use a check-scanning device, run the coupon and check through the device.

BriteCore Processing

  1. Navigate to Policies > Payments > Daily Cash Receipt.
  2. Click the Upload Receivables File.
  3. Upload the file once.
  4. When complete, click on any payments where the status is Unresolved.
  5. Distribute the funds as needed.


What if the insured forgets to send in the billing coupon?

  • Add the payment manually to Policies > Payments > Daily Cash Receipt.
  • Scan the check only and update the policy information in the bank software prior to generating the receivable file.

What if I upload the same file more than once?

BriteCore will add all of the payments a second time. At the bottom of the Policies > Payments > Daily Cash Receipt page, delete the duplicate entries before clicking the Print Deposit Receipt button.

What if I accidentally applied duplicate payments?

  1. Navigate to Policies > Payments > Payment Log.
  2. Delete the duplicate payments.