Set up claim number (v2)

With the number-engine-version advanced setting, you can turn on claim numbering version 2 (v2), which customizes how your claim numbers are written.

To set up claim number v2, contact your BriteCore support team. Identify and provide BriteCore with the claim number sequences that you want to use for different policy types. BriteCore will enable v2 in the number-engine-version advanced setting and will add the claim number sequences to the database.

Note: You won’t use number-prefix, number-suffix, or the Claim Number settings for v2.

Usage considerations

When you enable v2 and create a new claim, the claim number sequence will change to the customized version if:

  • The original claim number is not a manually created number.
  • The claim status is changed from Uncommitted or Pending, Unsubmitted.

If the system determines that a custom claim number sequence can be applied, it will search for the custom claim number sequence attached to the policy type the claim is filed against. If the system can’t locate a claim number sequence attached to the policy type, then the fallback claim number sequence will be used, which is C – <Year> – <Iteration Number>.