Set up combined billing

If an insured has multiple policies, those policies can be linked. When policies are linked, a cover sheet will print providing an overview of the amount due across all policies.

Set up

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies > Accounts Receivable.
  2. Select the Print Combined Billing Coversheet box.
    Note: This deliverable is not currently customizable.
  3. Create the policies.
  4. Assign the same Effective Date, Billing Schedule, and Bill Whom to each policy.
  5. Link the policies together using the link icon.
  6. Navigate to each individual policy.
  7. Commit (issue) all new business policies on the same day. This ensures the print date is the same for each policy, which is the date the system uses to batch the policies. Renewal business does not need to be committed (issued) on the same date.


  • The Combined Billing Statement will generate and print during nightly processing along with the invoice for each policy
  • The Combined Billing Statement will appear on each policy’s Attachments screen. The policy associated with the Group Billing Number (GBN) will have the deliverable that prints; all other statements will be set to Do not print.

Syncing unmatched policies

When the print dates of invoices do not match, a Combined Billing Statement will not generate for any out of sync policy. To resync a policy, cancel and rewrite the policy to match the policy effective date or billing schedule to the other grouped policies.


If an amended invoice is unpaid by the next bill date, BriteCore will include the endorsement amount on the next Combined Billing Statement and individual policy invoice.

Multiple Recipients

If a client creates multiple copies of the same invoice, only one invoice will show Combined Billing Statement. In other words, even though copies of the same invoice, addressed to different parties, exists on a policy only one copy will show on the Combined Billing Statement.

Regenerate All Combined Billing Statements

The Regenerate All Combined Billing Statements tool addresses cases where scheduled Combined Billing Statements (CBS) fail to print or need to be recreated. New CBS’ will generate each time you use the tool, regardless of the reason for regeneration. These cases include:

  • If nightly processing fails to generate CBS’, the tool generates a new CBS for each group of policies.
  • If the CBS’ generated but were set to not print, the tool will generate a new CBS for each group of policies and sets to print.
  • If the CBS that generated is wrong (e.g. missing a policy, etc.) this tool generates a new CBS and sets it to print after the correction has been made.

To generate a new set of CBS’:

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select Support Tools (under BriteCore Resources in the footer).
  3. Type the Start Date and End Date.
    • To generate a new set of CBS’ for today, enter today’s date for the Start Date and tomorrow’s date for the End Date.
    • To generate CBS’ for a longer timeframe, such as a weekend, run the tool for each day: Friday to Friday, Saturday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday.
      Note: Enter today for both the Start and End Date.
  4. Select Generate Combined Billing Statement.
    Note: The Combined Billing Statement generates in the Attachments screen of each policy associated with the policy group.