Set up deliverable distribution

Deliverable distribution methods vary depending on the recipient:

  • Insured: Print or electronically via BriteApps
  • Agent/Agency: Print or email
  • Mortgagee: Print or electronically via a vendor
  • Additional Interest: Print

The following delivery methods are available:


By default, BriteCore will print documents locally once the printing environment is set up. Clients may also choose to outsource printing to a vendor. Refer to integration documentation for more information.


The most common use case for agents/agencies is to email insureds copies of identified deliverables.

Set up email addresses

  1. Add agents and agencies to the Contacts module.
  2. Refer to the Role overview for information on setting preferences.

Process emails

  1. Select Policies in the BriteCore menu.
  2. Select Processing in the Policies menu.
  3. Select Pending Email.
  4. Enter a date range to display unprocessed emails. Type the start date in the From date field and the end date in the To date field.
  5. Select Display only Email Deliverables to filter results and display only email deliverables.
  6. Select the magnifying glass icon to view a copy of the deliverable on a second tab.
  7. Select Send Emails to send the emails displayed within that range, or select Send All Emails to send any unprocessed emails in the system.


Refer to the BriteApps documentation for more information.


For each deliverable, BriteCore allows copies to be created for the insured, agent/agency, mortgagee and/or additional interest. Refer to update deliverable recipients for information on how to set it up.