Set up effective date behavior while quoting

A setting allows clients to determine what BriteCore should do when an agent changes a quote’s effective date and, in doing so, crosses a new lines effective date. By default, if the effective date of a quote crosses a new lines effective date, BriteCore will wipe the rating data of the quote. The agent will then need to re-add the rating information. To avoid this scenario, clients can prevent quotes from automatically changing the lines effective date when a policy’s effective date changes. In other words, when the setting is enabled,> quotes are locked to effective dates.

A common use case that warrants this setting is that quotes for commercial lines are typically created with an arbitrary effective date in mind. The quote may then sit for some time prior to being submitted. Then, on submission, the agent selects a new effective date. Due to the lapse in time, a new lines effective date may have been put into effect.

To enable:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Options.
  2. Select Prevent auto switching quotes to a new lines effective date upon policy effective date change.