Set up effective date parameters while quoting

Clients can restrict how far in the past and future a policy’s effective date can be set while quoting.

To enable:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Binding Authority.
  2. Select the number of days from each dropdown to determine how many days in the past and/or future application’s effective date can be set via the Do Not Allow Applications to be Written/Submitted with an Effective Date More than X Days in the Past/Future setting

The code uses inclusive logic. If you restrict quotes to 15 days in the past, BriteCore will disallow quotes 15 days or older from being quoted.

Any unsubmitted quotes or applications with effective dates outside the defined range will automatically be set to today’s date when a quote or application is accessed. Once the application is submitted, the setting restriction no longer applies.

When an agent accesses an already-started quote or application, or enters an effective date outside the defined range on a new quote, he/she will receive a popup that reads, “The entered effective date is more than the allowed {#of days} number of days in the future,” or “{# of days} numbers of days in the past.” Then, what follows is the new effective date note: “Please note that the effective date has been reset to 2016-07-11.”