Set up form printing

When building a line of business, a user uploads forms in the Lines module. When uploading a form, the user can determine when—or if—the form prints.

Printing assertions

There are important assertions you need to know about printing forms:

  • General assertions
  • New business exceptions
  • Renewal exceptions

General assertions

General assertions about printing forms:

  • Forms print with new business.
  • Forms don’t print with renewals.
  • If a form is added to a policy mid-term, it will print.

New business exceptions

With new business, there are exceptions to printing forms:

  • When the Suppress Printing checkbox is checked, the form doesn’t print.
  • When the Document Printing Depends on Selected Category checkbox is checked, the form prints only when the user chooses certain categories on the policy.
  • When the Print only when this item’s premium is X than $0 dropdown is defined, the form may not print based upon the setting configuration.

Renewal exceptions

Forms don’t print with renewals except when:

  • An existing Form Code, Edition Number, or Description is changed.
  • A new form is added to the line of business.
  • The Always Print on Renewal checkbox is checked, which prints the form every renewal.
  • The Document Printing Depends on Selected Category or Print only when this item’s premium is checked.Note: If the Always Print on Renewal is also checked, then the form will print on renewal.

Print order

Print forms based upon line item order

Forms print with the primary insured’s Declaration based on specific criteria:

  1. Forms print based on the order their line item appears in the Lines module.
  2. Forms print in the order they were added to the line item.
  3. Forms associated with the policy type print in the order they appear in the Lines module.

Example: Figure 1 shows a policy type in the Lines module with six different forms. If both coverages are on the policy, the forms will print in this order: 5, 3, 4, 6, 1, 2.

The forms print in this particular order because:

  • Form 5 is associated with the first line item listed, and it was uploaded to the line item prior to Form 3.
  • Form 3 is associated with the first line item listed, but it was uploaded after Form 5.
  • Form 4 is associated with the second line item listed.
  • Form 6, Form 1, and Form 2 are listed in the order they were uploaded.

Figure 1: Forms print based on line items.

Print forms in alphabetical order

You can enable the sort-forms-in-dec setting to have forms print in alphabetical order with the primary insured’s Declaration.

To enable the sort-forms-in-dec setting:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. On the Settings screen, select Advanced.
  3. On the Advanced Settings screen, in the search box, type sort-forms-in-dec.
  4. In the sort-forms-in-dec box, select True.