Set up login parameters

You can establish login parameters in the Provider Administrator portal.

Session Length

You can set a session length that applies to all users who log in to BriteCore. To accommodate quoting, set this to at least 60 minutes. Once the session time expires, the user will be logged out of the system.

  • Set the duration for the Session Length in Settings > System Wide > Login Information > Session Time.

Password Strength

  • You can set the required password strength parameters in Settings > System Wide > Login Information > Password Strength.

Login Attempts

You can lock a user out of BriteCore after a defined number of login attempts.

  • Set the value for login attempts in Settings > System Wide > Login Information > Login Attempts.


You can turn off the browser’s ability to autocomplete a user’s username or password during login. To enable, run:

  • #UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option=’no-autocomplete’