Set up notifications for renewal failures

When BriteCore can’t automatically renew a policy, an email will be sent to designated recipients. To use, add designated recipients to the Processing Errors section in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Processing.

General failure

BriteCore: Renewal Commit Failures: {client name}

Renewal revision {YYYY-MM-DD} for policy 10-2017-1 couldn’t be created. System message:

System Renewal Revision was not created because of the existence of an uncommitted, manually-created Renewal Revision. You must manually commit this revision.

Failure due to moving a policy to a new lines effective date

Persistent Builder: Failed Renewal Processing: {carrier name}

Persistent Builder encountered an error while trying to renew policy 10-2016-1. To prevent damage to the policy’s integrity, the new revision {YYYY-MM-DD} has been removed.

Please submit a ticket with the appropriate priority level and include the following information:

Policy Number: 10-2016-1

Error Date and Time: 2016-11-15 07:38:16.053643