Set up policy lifecycle numbering

Policy numbering allows you to link a policy to a unique ID.

You can use Version 1 or Version 2 of Policy Lifecycle Numbering:

  • Version 1: Default numbering system for the entire policy lifecycle (from quote to application to policy). Version 1 allows limited customization.
  • Version 2: Fully customizable numbering across the entire policy lifecycle.

Version 1: Default policy numbering system with limited customization

The default policy numbering sequence has the following attributes:

  • A structure of <Prefix> -YYYY-<Suffix> that is true regardless of line of business
  • Each new quote, application, and policy starts at 1 and increments by 1. For example, 10-2019-1, 10-2019-2, 10-2019-3, etc.
  • The numbering sequence starts over each year and reflects the new year. For example:
    • In the year 2019, the policy numbers will be 10-2019-1, 10-2019-2, 10-2019-3, etc.
    • In the year 2020, the policy numbers will be 10-2020-1, 10-2020-2, 10-2020-3, etc.

The default policy numbering sequence can be slightly customized by adjusting the prefix and/or suffix. To customize:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Modules, and then select Policies.
  3. Navigate to the Policies Numbers section.
  4. Modify the Prefix and/or Suffix boxes to update the values. The prefix can be up to six alphanumeric characters. The suffix can any number between 1 and 100,000 and serves as the starting point for numbering in a year.
  5. Select Save at the top or bottom of the screen.

Once customized, the policy numbering will follow the same logic as indicated above whereby each new quote, application, and policy will increment by 1 and the sequence will begin anew at the beginning of a new calendar year.

Version 2: Fully customized policy numbering system

A fully customizable numbering system was created to increase numbering flexibility and support the following scenarios:

  • Implement a different numbering sequence for each Line of Business.
  • Implement a different number for quote and applications versus policies  (e.g., Q-2020-1 for quotes and applications becomes P-2020-1 once issued)

You need database access to fully customize your policy numbers. Submit a Zendesk ticket if you don’t have database access.

For more details, refer to the configuring policy number guide.