Set up premium and fee display

Show premium and fees separately

You can show the premium and fees separately when rating a policy. To enable:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  2. Search for show_fees_premium_separately.
  3. Select True (default: False).

Show policy wide premium during rating

By default, BriteCore shows property coverage and entire policy premiums. A setting allows agents to clearly see each portion of a policy’s premium including the premium for property coverages, policy-wide coverages and the entire policy premium.

Under the Rating page of a New Quote, the following premiums can be calculated:

  • Additional premium
  • Each property’s premium
  • Policy-wide line item premiums
  • Total policy premium

To enable the setting:

  1. Log in as an administrator

Note: this setting is only available with the New Policy Wizard.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  2. Search for show_policy_wide_premium.
  3. Set to True.

Navigate as an Agent

  1. Log on as an agent/agency.
  2. Select New Quote.
  3. Provide the necessary information.
  4. On the Properties and Rating screens, scroll down to find the Policy-Wide Premium and Policy Total Premium calculations.

Warning: Stop before you turn the policy into a quote.