Set up processing error notifications

Clients can receive notifications for processing errors. In this post, you’ll find documentation for notifications that apply to both new and renewal business workflows. For notifications specific to the renewal workflow, see Set up notifications for renewal failures.

To set up notifications for new and renewal business processing errors:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Processing.
  2. In the Processing Errors box, type the email address(es) of the designated recipients for the processing error.

The Processing Errors administrative alert sends out emails related to a variety of processing errors, such as:

Nightly processing errors

Recipient(s) will receive an email regarding any error in processing that occurred.

BriteCore Alert: Nightly Processing Errors

[information related to error, usually code]

Deliverable creation errors

Recipient(s) receive an email with a list of deliverables that BriteCore couldn’t generate during normal processing. In most cases, clients will need to access the policy in BriteCore and regenerate the deliverable.

Deliverable Creation Error: [carrier name]

Policy [policy number] failed to generate [name of deliverable]. Exception: [detail of error]

Bail Out!: [carrier name] [name of deliverable] deliverable failed to generate: [reason for failure]

Vendor errors

Recipient(s) receive an email when an error occurs with an integrated vendor.

BriteCore Alert: Dropbox enabled but not authorized.

Dropbox integration for print job backups is enabled in BriteCore but not authorized. Please visit [URL] to authorize BriteCore to upload print job backups to your account.

BriteCore Alert: Nightly Vendor Upload Errors

Traceback (most recent call last): [code] [error, such as KeyError: ‘hostIP’, error: [Errno 111] Connection refused or error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer]

BriteCore Alert: Ambiguous ISO Protection Class

The following policy could not determine an ISO Protection Class for the property “Property 1”. Please choose a new one, then rate and commit the policy manually.

[policy number]