Set up the recurring billing contact

You can set up recurring billing for a policy on the Billing Setup tab of the Accounts Receivable screen. If the Initial Bill Contact is the same as the Recurring Billing Contact, then the information you select for the Recurring Billing Contact section will automatically populate in the Initial Bill Contact section.

To set up the Recurring Billing Contact, navigate to the Accounts Receivable screen of a policy, and:

  1. Select the Billing Setup tab.
  2. Navigate to the Recurring Billing Contact section.
  3. From the Recipient dropdown list, select the contact who will receive recurring bills.

    Note: If you want to view the recipient’s payment methods, select the Payment Details link. You will be directed to the recipient’s Payments screen in the Contacts module in a new window.

  4. From the Address dropdown list, select the address where bills should be mailed.
  5. From the Payment Method dropdown list, select the type of payment the recipient will use. By default, the Manual payment method displays. If you select a credit card or ACH payment method type, then the policy will be set up on auto-pay. See Set up auto-pay.
    1. If you want to add a new payment method:
      1. Select Add and the Payment Method dialog box will open. See Add a payment method from the Accounts Receivable screen.
    2. If you want to edit a payment method:
      1. Select the payment method you want to edit from the Payment Method dropdown list.
      2. Select Edit. The Payment Method dialog box will open.
      3. Complete your edits.