Set up renewal business notices

The table below summarizes BriteCore’s renewal business notices and their uses:

Table 1: Renewal business notices.

Renewal Billing Statement 

The Renewal Billing Statement is issued when a renewal policy is committed or issued. The Renewal Billing Statement allows the bill whom to select the billing schedule plan that will be used throughout the policy term. You can locate the Renewal Billing Statement of a policy in the Attachments screen associated with the policy.

You can customize the Renewal Billing Statement by adding additional text, signature blocks, and the change of address form to the statement. 

To add text and signature blocks to the Renewal Billing Statement, see Set up billing statements

To add the change of address form to the Renewal Billing Statement: 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  2. In the Search for a Setting box, type show-change-of-address-all-invoices and select Search or press Enter/Return on your keyboard. 
  3. Change the setting value from False to True. See Show change of address all invoices for more information.

Renewal reminder – renewal billing offer

The Renewal Reminder – Renewal Billing Offer deliverable is used to override the Notice of Cancellation Non-Payment of Premium when a Renewal Billing Statement is unpaid. Depending on settings, the Renewal Reminder – Renewal Billing Offer will generate instead of the Notice of Cancellation, Non-Payment of Premium. 

To enable generation of the Renewal Reminder – Renewal Billing Offer : 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies
  2. Select Edit under Policy Lifecycle. The Confirm pop-up window will display the following message:

    You are about to leave the page. Would you like to save your data before proceeding? 

  3. Select Yes to save your date and continue to the Policy Lifecycle screen. 
  4. From the Choose a State dropdown list, select the state you’re enabling this notice for. 
  5. Select one of the following radio buttons:
    • Lifecycle Parameters Are the Same for All Business
    • Lifecycle Parameters Are Defined Per Policy Type

      Note: If you select this option the Policy Type dropdown list will appear and you will be prompted to select the policy type you are enabling this notice for. 

  6. Select the Non-Pay tab.
  7. In the Renewals section, select the For renewals, send the “Reminder Notice – Renewal Billing Offer” in place of the “Notice of Cancellation, Non-Payment of Premium” checkbox. 
  8. Select Save or Save and Exit.

To view an example of the Reminder Notice – Renewal Billing Offer, see the example below. 


Your existing policy {policy_number} will expire on {expiration_date}. A renewal offer was previously mailed to you.

In order for you to accept this renewal offer, we must receive your payment in our office on or before the due date of {expiration_date}.

If [carrier name] does not receive your acceptance of this renewal offer with payment of premium by {expiration_date}, your existing policy and this renewal offer will expire as of 12:01 am {expiration_date}.