Set up supplemental questions

Supplemental questions are a way to capture additional information like an address on an Additional Insured line item or a schedule on a Scheduled Personal Property line item.

BriteCore provides several options for setting up supplemental questions:

  • Add a Question
  • Add a Question Group
  • Add a Schedule

Access supplemental questions

To access supplemental questions:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Lines.
  2. On the Lines – Effective Dates screen, select the applicable effective date.
  3. On the Effective Date – Policy Types screen, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Select State or Province dropdown, select a state or province.
    2. Navigate to the applicable Policy Type, and then select Edit .
  4. On the Policy Type – Details screen, navigate to the applicable Line Item, and then select Edit .
  5. On the Edit Line Item screen, select Supplemental Questions.

Set up supplemental questions

When setting up supplemental questions, you have two options:

  • Add a Question: Individual questions to collect information.
  • Add a Question Group: A group of related questions to collect information.

Note: For more information on Question and Question Group options, see Table 1.

Add a Question

To add a question:

  1. In the Supplemental Questions box, select Add a Question.
  2. Under Questions and Question Groups, in the question box, complete the fields and make the appropriate selections

Add a Question Group

To add a question group:

  1. In the Supplemental Questions box, select Add a Question Group.
  2. Under Questions and Question Groups, in the Group box, complete the fields and make the appropriate selections.

Table 1: Questions and Question Groups options.

Options Description
Single Line Displays a standard text input field to collect data such as a year, name of previous carrier, or phone number.
Contact > Generic Displays standard inputs to collect contact information. Users can select any contact within BriteCore and display the contact’s address on the Declaration.

Note: If a contact exists in BriteCore’s Contacts module, the contact will appear as a suggestion; otherwise, you can create a new contact.

Address Displays a standard address field with street address, city, state, and ZIP code.
Multi-Line Functions just like the Single Line option, except you can gather more information.
List Displays a customized list. For the List Items, you can apply restrictions:

  • None: Allows a user to select any answer from the list.
  • Submit Unbound: Removes the Submit Bound checkbox when an agent submits an application.
  • Disallow: Generates a pop-up box indicating the answer is disallowed, which should signal agents to stop the application.

Note: To add additional List Items, select Add List Item.

Contact > Additional Insured Displays a dropdown list of contacts who have been added as additional insureds to the policy.

Note: Users can select only contacts added to the policy. When selected, the contact’s address doesn’t appear on the screen and the contact doesn’t appear on the Declaration.

Disclaimer Notice Displays a disclaimer notice.
Allow Multiples Allows users to duplicate the question or group; otherwise, the question or group appears only once.
Required for Application Submission Requires the agent to answer the question prior to submitting the application. If an agent leaves the answer blank, BriteCore prompts the agent to complete the answer before submitting the application.

Note: When this is applied to a Question Group, agents must answer all of the questions in the group before submitting the application.

Message Popup for Builder Creates an icon on the screen, which users can select to view additional information.
Print Options Provides an option to include the question and answer on deliverables: Declaration, Application, or Quote Summary.

Improve Additional Insured functionality

Clients may need to capture additional insureds’ information in Builder. The additional-insured-display-address-allow-deletion advanced setting adds the features of the Contact > Generic supplemental question to the Contact > Additional supplemental question.

When you enable the additional-insured-display-address-allow-deletion advanced setting and use the Contact > Additional supplemental question:

  • Users can select only contacts on the policy from a dropdown list in Builder.
  • The selected contact’s address appears in Builder.
  • The contact’s name and address appear on the Declaration.

To enable additional-insured-display-address-allow-deletion:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. On the Settings screen, select Advanced.
  3. On the Advanced Settings screen, in the search box, type additional-insured-display-address-allow-deletion.
  4. In the additional-insured-display-address-allow-deletion box, select True.

Add a schedule

A schedule is a table to collect information about scheduled items.

Important: Don’t use ampersands (&), dashes (-), or apostrophes (‘). BriteCore will not save answers to questions that contain these (KSS) characters.

To add a schedule:

  1. In the Supplemental Questions box, select Add a Schedule.
  2. In the Schedule Setup box, complete the following steps:
    1. To add headings to your schedule, select Add Column , and then in the Header Label box, type the name of the column heading. Repeat to add additional column headings.
    2. Select the appropriate checkboxes.

Note: For more information on Schedule Setup options, see Table 2.

Table 2: Schedule Setup options.

Options User interface availability
Headers Adds headings to the schedule such as item, make, model, year, and serial number.
Include Limit Creates a default limit column where the user enters the limit of each item and BriteCore automatically sums the limits of all items.
Auto Calculate Limit Calculates the limit as the product of the adjacent two columns.
Show for Applications and Policies (Not Quotes) Hides the schedule from the agent while the quote is in quote (rather than application) status. Once the quote becomes an application or policy, the schedule appears.
Include Coinsurance Multiplies the user-entered limit(s) by the coinsurance factor entered on the screen.
Remove Numbering for Rows Allows clients to choose whether or not to number scheduled items and reorders schedule items on the screen and the Declaration when a schedule item is removed from the list.

Example: If you delete a scheduled item labeled #2, then item #3 is relabeled as item #2.

Display Options The Show Scheduled Items in the Rating Information Section for Each Line on Declarations, Quote Summaries, and Policy Applications setting displays schedules with the associated line item in the Rating Information section of the Declaration. When unchecked, this setting displays schedules at the end of the Declaration.

Note: This setting is located in a different area of BriteCore: Settings > Deliverables > Options.