Set up sweep payments

Agents can make sweep payments from the Payments module of the Agent portal. In the Payments module, you can make sweep payments from the Schedule Sweep screen. Staff can also complete sweep payments from the Accounts Receivable screen of a policy within the Provider Administrator portal. See Make sweep payments and Batch sweep payments for more information.

Before making sweep payments from the Agent or Provider Administrator portals, you must set up a sweep account.


Before you can set up a sweep account, you need to complete the following tasks:

  • Receive permission from each agency to use their banking information.
  • Integrate with an electronic payment vendor. See Integrations overview.
  • Ensure agents are attached to the correct agencies. See Add a contact’s employer or Add contacts in the organization.

    Note: For agents associated with more than one agency, the sweep account of the agency listed under Company will be available to the agent. However, the sweep accounts of all associated agencies can be made available to the agent. See Allow agents to make agency payments.

Add sweep account

Once you complete the tasks above, you can add a sweep account to an agency. BriteCore doesn’t store the payment method information you enter; instead, this information is passed along to the payment vendor you integrated with.

Note: It’s important that you complete vendor integration and receive permission to use the agency’s banking information before you add the sweep account.

To add a sweep account to an agency:

  1. In the Contacts module, search for and access the agency you’re adding the sweep account to. You will be directed to the Information screen of the agency by default.
  2. From the Contacts menu, select Payments.
  3. Under Financial Accounts, select + Add a Payment Method.
  4. Add the payment method or banking information and select OK.
  5. Select Information.
  6. Scroll down to the Sweep Account subsection of the Role section.
  7. Select the Has a Sweep Account checkbox.
  8. From the Sweep Account dropdown list, select the correct account.
  9. Select Save.

Enforce minimum and maximum payment amount for sweep payments

Sweep payments pull from accounts electronically through either ACH or credit card payment methods. You can prevent electronic payments that underpay or overpay a policy by enforcing an accepted payment amount range. The amount range is based on the current amount due and the payoff amount. This setting impacts the Provider Administrator and Agent portals.

To enforce the minimum and maximum payment amount:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies.
  2. Under Policy Lifecycle, select Edit. The Confirm pop-up window will open with the following message:

    You’re about to leave the page. Would you like to save your data before proceeding?

  3. Select Yes to save the data and proceed to the Policy Lifecycle screen, or select No to proceed without saving data.
  4. From the Choose a State dropdown list, ensure the correct state is displayed.
  5. Select Lifecycle Parameters Are Defined Per Policy Type.
  6. From the Policy Type dropdown list, select the policy type the minimum and maximum payment range will apply to.
  7. Select Payment.
  8. Under Options, select Enforce minimum (currently due) and maximum (payoff amount) payment amounts when making agent sweep payments.
  9. Select Save.

If you had a previous billing method, a pop-up window will open with the following message:

Saving will overwrite your existing Lifecycle parameters in all Policy Types, continue?

Select Yes to continue, or No to return to the Policy Lifecycle screen without overwriting existing parameters.

Set up sweep payment notifications

You can designate parties to receive an email notification when a sweep payment succeeds or fails.

To set up sweep payment notifications:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Processing.
  2. In the Payments box, type the email address(es) of the recipient(s) that will receive a notification when sweep payments succeed/fail.

    Note: The email address(es) added to the Payments box will also receive email notifications any time an outside payor makes a payment from the Secure Checkout screen. You may consider creating a separate email address specifically for these notifications.

When a sweep payment is successful, BriteCore will send an email with the following information:

BriteCore Alert: Sweep Payment Receipt

Attached to this email is a sweep receipt for the sweep payment made by <Agency name>.

This is an automated message sent by the BriteCore system. If you have received this message on accident, please disregard.

When a sweep payment fails, BriteCore will send an email with the following information:

BriteCore Alert: Failed Sweep Payments

The following sweep payments failed verification:

<Policy Number> — Named insured: <Named insured>

Payment Method: <Payment Method Information>, <Payment Method ID>, <Payment Method Description>

Payor: <Payor name>

Amount: <Payment amount>

Reason: The transaction failed to process: <Reason for failure>

Permissions and settings

A number of permissions and settings can impact sweep payments. Permissions can impact how and where specific user roles can access or complete sweep payments. Settings can impact the default behavior of sweep payments.


There are three permissions that impact the visibility and/or accessibility of the Payments module in the Agent portal and the Detailed Transaction Report. Permissions are set up in Settings > System Wide > Permissions. See Permissions overview for more information. The permissions that impact visibility and/or accessibility of sweep payment functions are:

  • agent/payments: When this rule is set to None, the Payments module in the Agent portal is hidden.
  • agent/payments/scheduleSweep: When this rule is set to None, in the Agent portal, the Payments module icon will display, but you won’t be able to access the module.
  • agent/payments/showSweepReport: When this rule is set to None, the Detailed Transaction Report section on the Schedule Sweep screen will be hidden.

Advanced settings

Advanced settings allow you to enable sweep payment behavior and functionality that differs from the default behavior and functionality.

  • auto-submit-sweep-queue: When this setting is enabled and agents are permitted to make sweep payments, agents can add a sweep payment to the Sweep Queue and the payment will automatically process during overnight processing. With this setting, you can also determine how many days should pass before the sweep payment is processed. For example, if auto-submit-sweep-queue is enabled and you type 2  as the value for “grace_period”, sweep payments won’t automatically process overnight, but will automatically process on the evening of the second day.
  • sweep-report-show-all: This setting depends on the agent/payments/showSweepReport permission mentioned above. For this setting to work, you must ensure that agents have access to the sweep report, by setting the agent/payments/showSweepReport value to Read/Write. With this setting, you can limit the Sweep Report contents. When this setting is True, the Sweep Report will show sweep payments made by all agents within the agency. When this setting is False, the Sweep Report will show only the sweep payments made by the agent running the report.
  • suppress-billing-suggestion: When this setting is enabled, agents can make sweep payments that prepay a policy without receiving a message that suggests the billing schedule should be changed.
  • allow-agents-to-make-agency-payments: When this setting is enabled, agents who belong to more than one agency can access the sweep account of each agency the agent is connected to.
  • agent-payment-amount-zeroed: When this setting is enabled, agents will be forced to choose the payment amount when entering a sweep payment.
  • allow-sweep-payments-in-billing-setup: When this setting is enabled, Agency Sweep displays as a Payment Method option on the Accounts Receivable screen. This advanced setting only impacts the Provider Administrator portal.

Usage considerations

  • When adding sweep payments, the agent can’t pay more than what is due.
  • When payments are added to the Sweep Queue, the payments are processed when the agent selects Submit Sweep unless you enable the auto-submit-sweep-queue setting or enable both the auto-submit-sweep-queue and auto-submit-sweep-grace-period advanced settings.
  • A sweep payment that is processed with an application submission won’t appear in the Sweep Queue.
  • If an agent belongs to more than one agency, the agent may only access the sweep account associated with the agency listed under Company in the Contacts module Information screen of the agent, unless the allow-agents-to-make-agency-payments advanced setting is enabled.
  • Agents can’t make sweep payments against a canceled policy unless the days-to-allow-canceled-policy-payment setting is enabled.
  • If your agency has a sweep account, and you can’t process sweep payments, delete the agency’s sweep account information from BriteCore and from your payment vendor’s site. Log in to BriteCore again, and re-enter the sweep account information.