Set up underwriting cancellation times

In accordance with state regulations and business policies, clients can define the number of days a policy is in underwriting cancellation prior to the policy canceling.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies. 
  2. Under Policy Lifecycle, select Edit. A Confirm pop-up window will display; select Yes.
  3. On the Policy Lifecycle screen, from the Choose a State dropdown list, select the state you want to define this setting for.
  4. Select either:
    1. Lifecycle Parameters Are the Same for All Business
    2. Lifecycle Parameters Are  Defined Per Policy Type

      Note: If you select Lifecycle Parameters Are Defined Per Policy Type, you will be prompted to select the policy type you want to define this setting for from the Policy Type dropdown list.

  5. Select Cancellation.
  6. In the Length (In Days) of Cancellation Pending Notice setting, select the desired number of days from the dropdown list.
  7. If desired, you can further define the above setting using one or both of the following settings:
    1. Unless policy category <> has option <> selected, then use <> days.
    2.  For new business, the Length of the Cancellation Pending Notice is <> Days for the first <> Days the policy is effective.