Set up voided return premium

Clients can display a Void button on return premiums that have been exported from BriteCore. This is a recommended feature for clients.

Note: When an exported return premium is voided, the Return Premium row on the Account History table is grayed out and Voided appears in the Type column of the Return Premium row, a note is written on the policy, and the credit is added back to the account.

To display the Void button on exported return premiums:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies > Accounts Receivable.
  2. Select the Display Void Option for Exported Return Premium Rows setting.
  3. Select Save.

Usage considerations

In a policy’s Account History screen, voided return premiums will show as voided during the term during which the return premium was created rather than during the current term.

The return premium must be exported for the Void button to appear. If the Return Premium row displays in the Account History table, but the referenced return premium is still in the Return Premium Queue, then the Void button won’t appear.