Set up website redirects

There are instances in which the client may want to redirect customers from one screen to another.

Make a Payment landing screen

Many carriers prefer to drive traffic to their website. A Make a Payment button is added to the website, and when clicked, the Make a Payment button will direct to the client’s BriteCore payment URL <sitename>

During transition

While transitioning onto BriteCore, clients may need insureds to pay their premium on policies in their legacy system. To accommodate this, link payers back to the client’s current payment screen:

  1. From the client, retrieve the website URL where payers make electronic payments on their legacy system.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  3. Search for legacy_payments_url.
  4. Type in the client’s webpage URL.
  5. Search for legacy_redirect.
  6. Select True.

Engineers can read PR 337 for more information.