Set up business locations

Defined business locations determine where a client can write business. BriteCore currently supports locations in the United States and Canada. When you set up business locations, you can select states, counties, and specifications to divide counties into smaller, ratable units (e.g., beach, non-beach). 

To set up business locations:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, under System Wide, select Business Locations.
  3. Select Add a New State or Province.
  4. In the State dropdown list, select a state.
  5. In the Counties section, complete one of the following steps:
    1. To add all counties, select Select All Counties if it’s not already selected.
    2. To add individual counties, select Select All Counties to remove the selections, and then select each county you want to add.
    3. To manually add a county, select Add a County Manually, and then, in the Add a County dialog box, complete the following steps: 
      1. In the County Name box, type the county name.
      2. In the County FIPS Code box, type the county FIPS code.
      3. Select Add County.
  6. To divide counties into smaller, ratable units, in the County Specifications section, select Add a County Specification, and then complete the following steps:
    1. In the Name box, type the name of the specification.
    2. In the County dropdown list, select the county you want to split.
  7. At the bottom of the screen, select Save Changes.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 until you have added all of the states you want to add.