Settings dashboard overview

The Settings dashboard allows you to control functionality in the Policyholder portal.

Access the Settings dashboard

  1. Log in to the Provider Administrator portal.
  2. Select tile.
  3. Select Settings on the sidebar.

In the Settings dashboard, you can:

The Settings dashboard contains several settings, including:

  • Account: Determines whether a user in the Policyholder portal can change their mailing address, phone number, and phone type.
  • AppStore: The AppStore settings identify API names. The settings are read-only.
  • Authentication: Determines session expiration time when there is no user action.
  • Claims: Determines whether a user can access claims functionality on the Policyholder portal.
  • E-Delivery: Determines whether a user can enable E-Delivery in the Policyholder portal and how the processes are executed. Some of the settings are read only.
  • Enrollment: Determines the options available to a user during enrollment.
  • Global: Determines global options available in the Policyholder portal.
  • Messaging: Determines when a message is sent out before a payment method expires.
  • Notifications: Determines which notifications are set out from the Policyholder portal.
  • Payments: Determines payment functionality on the Policyholder portal.
  • Policies: Determines whether Agency contact information is displayed on the Policyholder portal dashboard.

Superuser Access 

You will now need Superuser status to access the following dashboards:

  • Settings,
  • Content
  • Templates,
  • Appearance
  • Administrators

Contact our BriteApps team to enable your Superuser login to access these dashboards.