Settings – IVANS


  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > Download Solutions.
  2. Select the NxTech Download checkbox.
  3. Select the edit icon.
  4. Enter the account information provided by (NxTech) IVANS.

Display Fee Premiums on the IVANS report

You may want to control which fees are visible to agencies. By default, fee premiums are not displayed on the IVANS report. The nxtech-fee-premium-tags setting allows the premium of line items of type “fee” to be reported for IVANS uploads. This only applies to line items in the “fee” category and specified with a system tag. To enable, tag the line item and then enable the setting.

Tag the line item

  1. Navigate to the fee line item within the Lines screen.
  2. Select the edit icon.
  3. Select edit beside System Tags.
    Figure 1: View of the Edit link next to System Tags. When you select Edit, you can edit System Tags.
  4. Type POLFE (case sensitive) in the NxTech AL3 Codes box.
  5. Select done.
    Figure 2: The Edit System Tags dialog box.

Enable the setting

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  2. Search for nxtech-fee-premium-tags.
  3. Enter POLFE (case sensitive) in the Setting Value box.

Set up contacts (Agencies)

If you use the IVANS vendor and set up agency contacts to receive policy documents electronically, those agencies will receive two notifications one day apart: one via email and the other via the agency download.

Complete the following steps to set up agency contacts:

  1. Set up your agencies and their user ID within IVANS’ Linx Interface. The User ID is how IVANS directs data to the correct agency.
  2. Set up your agencies within BriteCore.
  3. Type the agency/producer (user ID) number from Linx as the Agency Code in BriteCore for each agency.

AL3 codes

IVANS assists with the input of AL3 codes. BriteCore does not enter AL3 codes. To input AL3 codes:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > System Tags.
  2. Choose the NxTech AL3 Codes tag.
  3. Select the effective date.
  4. Add the tags.

Daily Transaction email

An Insurance – NxTech Daily Transaction Report email is sent daily. Attached to the email as a CSV is an exact replica of the information BriteCore sends to IVANS (pictured below). To add email recipients:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > Admin Alerts > Month-End XLS Reports.
  2. Enter applicable email address(es).
    Figure 3: Example of information BriteCore sends to IVANS as part of the Daily Transaction Report.