Settings overview

In BrtieCore, the Settings module is the repository for the following types of settings:

  • System Wide
  • Modules
  • Deliverables
  • Vendors
  • Notes
  • Advanced

Note: These settings are available only through the Provider Administrator portal. In the Agent portal, the Settings module provides login settings to change your username and password.

System Wide settings

Business Locations

In Business Locations, you can add or edit the states, provinces, and counties where you do business.

Note: To add properties to a policy, you must match properties to a business location. You can split counties into separate business locations.

Login Information

The Login Information settings let you control user session length, password strength, number of failed login attempts, user lockout periods, and dashboard text.


Using the Calendar settings, you can define federal holidays, add custom holidays, and define agency business days.


The System Wide permissions control the following options:

  • Permission Levels: Create a permission level, add rules to the permission level, and assign one of the following access options for each rule: None, Read, or Read/Write.
  • Role Permissions: Assign each BriteCore role a permission level. 

Administrative Alerts

Using Administrative Alerts, you can choose alert recipients for various system events, such as failed emails, password lockouts, effective dates becoming active, processing errors, and submitted applications and claims.

System Tags

With System Tags you can:

  • Create custom tags.
  • Edit existing tags.
  • Remove unused tags.
  • Produce clean, powerful reports with BriteData.

Note: Some vendor integrations require you to use System Tags.

Module-specific settings


The Contacts module settings include options for the following:

  • Contact pop-ups
  • Legal entity types
  • Active fields
  • Allow/disallow duplicate SSNs
  • Dates to remember
  • Commission payments
  • Commission structures
  • Commission reports


The Lines module settings include options for the Persistent Builder tool and premium rounding.


The Policies & Quotes module settings include options for the following:

  • Editing the Policy Lifecycle
  • Defining policy number formatting
  • Defining terms by state and policy type
  • Defining fees
  • Configuring accounts receivables and processing


The Claims module settings include options for defining claims number formatting, assigning adjusters, and setting the claim payment classifications.

Agent Portal 

The Agent Portal settings include options for the following:

  • Payments
  • Binding authority
  • Terms
  • Suspensions
  • Dashboard text
  • Additional related settings


Using the Deliverables settings, you can build custom deliverables by:

  • Uploading company logos.
  • Adjusting content appearance.
  • Uploading signature graphics.
  • Configuring data field appearance.

Note: The Deliverables settings also allow you to configure stock and custom mass deliverables for each of the states you operate in.

For more information, see Documents.


The vendor integration settings control options for additional applications you use with BriteCore, such as third-party integrations for accounting, documents, payment processing, and property valuation. For more information, see Integrations.


In Notes, you can:

  • Create a new note.
  • Create and set up a new alert.
  • Search for notes related to updating settings.

For more information, see Notes.

Advanced settings

Advanced Settings includes a wide array of settings controlling granular facets in BriteCore.

Note: Since changing Advanced settings without knowing what they do can lead to dire consequences, only BriteCore staff can change Advanced settings.

For more information, see Advanced settings.