Show/Hide duplicate addresses on Inspection Due report

Clients may choose to show or hide duplicate addresses for the same policy on the Inspections Due report.

When the inspections-due-omit-addr-dupes-by-policy advanced setting is set to:

  • True: Only duplicated addresses on the same policy are hidden on the Inspections Due report. Addresses duplicated on different properties will show on the report.
  • False: All duplicated addresses are hidden on the Inspections Due report.

By default, the Advanced setting inspections-due-omit-addr-dupes-by-policy is set to False.

To enable the inspections-due-omit-addr-dupes-by-policy Advanced setting:

  1. Log in as Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  3. Search: inspections-due-omit-addr-dupes-by-policy.
  4. Set to True.