Silvervine (Primoris) integration overview

Silvervine (Primoris) is an electronic payment processing service for the insurance industry.

Note: Silvervine Payment Solutions is the newly rebranded name of what was formerly known as Primoris Payment Services.


Silvervine allows for a collection fee with each payment. These fees aren’t stored in BriteCore, but the Secure Checkout screen displays the fee.

Fee notices:

  • Credit cards: Since the fee can be defined by payment amount and credit card type, the fee appears after the payment amount and the credit card number are entered.
  • ACH payments: The fee appears immediately.


With the Silvervine integration, you can:

  • Offer online payment options.
  • Increase your claims process.
  • Offer recurring payments.


Silvervine integration considerations:

  • You will need to arrange your charging fees with Silvervine.
  • BriteCore neither stores nor references fees, so Silvervine will send clients a separate report on fees charged and collected.

Supported products

BriteCore supports Silvervine Payment Solutions.