SmartyStreets is upgrading to AutoComplete Pro

Release Date: December 31, 2021

SmartyStreets is deprecating their US Autocomplete Basic API product on 12/31/2021. We updated our current Smarty Street AutoComplete integration to include AutoComplete Pro. As a shared BriteCore and SmartyStreet client, you will need to add AutoComplete Pro to your existing SmartyStreets Account. For information on SmartyStreets, refer to our SmartStreets documentation.

What’s new and changing?

The US Autocomplete Basic API relies on the user to know their primary number, the returned suggestions don’t necessarily represent valid addresses. These suggestions contain the house number provided as well as a valid Street+City+State. Submitting those values to the US Street API will provide the fully validated address if one exists.

The improved Autocomplete Pro includes the following features:

  • Suggests apartment and suite numbers
  • Includes USPS mailing addresses and 15+ million non-postal addresses
  • User can omit directionals and street suffixes, or even type the wrong ones
  • Returns verified addresses after one keystroke
  • Filter by ZIP code, city, or state
  • Works with official and alternate city name

How does this impact users?

Please reach out to SmartyStreets for pricing and contracting information. There should be no change to your BriteCore vendor configuration unless your actual credentials were updated (username and password).