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SmartyStreets setup

BriteCore uses SmartyStreets, an address validation integration, as a geocoding service.

Note: SmartyStreets is available with classic BriteCore and BriteSuite.  

Geocoding refers to locations using latitude and longitude, which is more accurate than describing a location’s address using street names.

Note: The SmartyStreets integration works with the Google Maps (Onix) integration.

Setup options

The SmartyStreets integration is hosted in your BriteCore Integrations API at /smartystreets. The provided reference plugin calls the service to provide rich address functionality.

To set up the SmartyStreets integration, complete one of the following steps:

  • Reach out to your BriteCore representative.
  • Set it up yourself:
    • Host the HTML plugin publicly.
    • Post the appropriate plugin configuration payload to your /plugins/ endpoint.


The SmartyStreets integration has two primary API endpoints: 

  • /geocoding can be leveraged to turn US street addresses into latitude and longitude. 
  • /suggestions can be used to create autocomplete controls, making it easier to input addresses in BriteCore.

Additional information

Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?