Step 1 – Policy Setup

In the Quote wizard, you can create quotes for new business and you can migrate policies from a legacy system. The first screen you will complete in the Quote wizard is the Policy Setup screen.

Important: The following instructions apply to the default view of the Policy Setup screen. Depending on settings and configuration, your Policy Setup screen’s appearance may vary.

Before accessing the Policy Setup screen, you need to select the policy type that you’re quoting. In the Provider Administrator portal, select Policies in the BriteCore menu. Then, on the Policy Search screen, select Create a New Policy. You will be directed to the Policy Types screen, which states:

Please select the type of policy you want to quote.

To select the policy type:

  1. In the Policy Effective Date box, type the effective date of the policy or use the date picker to select the effective date of the policy.
  2. From the State dropdown list, select the state that you are quoting the policy in.

    Note: If you don’t write business in more than one state, the State box may not appear; if this is the case, you can skip this step.

  3. The LOBs configured for the selected state or your default state will appear below the Policy Effective Date box and, if applicable, the State box. Select the LOB you’re creating the quote for. The Select Option dialog box will open.
  4. From the Policy Types dropdown list, select the policy type you’re quoting and then select Done. BriteCore will direct you to the Policy Setup screen.

    Note: You can’t quote multi-location policy types from the Provider Administrator portal.

Policy Setup screen

Information from the Policy Type screen will populate the corresponding boxes. Review the Policy Effective Date, State (if applicable), and Policy Type boxes to ensure the correct information is displayed. In the Policy Type Options section, ensure the correct option is selected. This should correspond with the option you selected from the Policy Types dropdown list in the Select Option dialog box. Edit information if necessary.

Figure 1: Sample Policy Setup screen.

To complete the Policy Setup screen:

  1. From the Policy Term dropdown list, select the term length. By default, the Policy Term box displays 1 Year.
  2. If you’re writing new business, move to step 3. If you’re migrating a policy from a legacy system, select Process this policy as a renewal. The policy will be added to BriteCore as a renewed policy.
  3. In the Underwriting Questions section, select Yes or No for each question. If you select Yes, you will be asked to provide an explanation. Depending on how questions are configured, selecting Yes for a question can automatically disqualify the quote. If this happens, you will be prompted to contact Underwriting.
  4. When you’re finished with this screen, select the Continue Adding Policy button at the bottom of the screen. You will be directed to the next screen in the Quote wizard: Contacts.