Step 2 – Reported By

The second step in the FNOL process is to complete the Reported By screen. In the Reported By screen, you can add information about how the claim was reported and who reported the claim.

To complete the Reported By screen:

  1. From the How is the claim being reported? dropdown list, select how the loss event was reported.
  2. Under Who is reporting this claim, select + Add Reporter. A dropdown list of individuals associated with the policy will open.
  3. Select the name of the party who reported the claim from the list. The party you add to Reported By will automatically be added to the Step 6 – Additional Parties screen. If the name of the reporter doesn’t appear in the list, select Add New Party. The Add Party dialog box will open. By default, the Add Party dialog box will display the Add new contact as a party view.
    1. If the party exists in BriteCore Contacts, select Search for an existing contact, and then search for the party that reported the claim. See Search for an existing contact.
    2. If the party doesn’t exist in BriteCore, remain on the default view of the Add Party dialog box. Select if the new contact is an Individual or an Organization. See one of the following documents for more information: Add new contact as a party – Individual and Add new contact as a party – Organization.
  4. When you’re finished adding information, select Continue.

Usage considerations

All information entered in the Reported By section will populate in the Loss Information section of a claim file’s or exposure file’s Details screen. Reported By information will also populate the menu of FNOL steps.

You can view the party details of the Reporting Party by selecting the party link. You can remove the Reporting Party by selecting the X next to the party’s name.