Step 3 – Loss Details

The next step in the FNOL process is to complete the Loss Details screen. On the Loss Details screen, you can add information about the loss description, type of loss, loss location, and onsite services. This step is specific to the line of business or product.

To add a loss description, type of loss, and loss location:

  1. In the Loss Description box, type a narrative description of the loss that occurred. This is a required field.
  2. From the Loss Category dropdown list, select the type of loss that occurred. These are configured based on the policy type. This is a required field.
  3. From the Select Peril Code(s) dropdown list, select one or more applicable peril codes. Select the X to remove a peril code.
  4. For the question, How many vehicles were involved in the loss?, select the number of vehicles involved in the loss event.
  5. From the question, Was this a hit and run?, select Yes or No.
  6. For the question, Did the loss occur at the insured residence?, select Yes or No.
  7. In the Number/Street box, type the street number and street where the loss occurred.
  8. In the Cross Street box, type the nearest Cross Street to the loss event.
  9. In the City and State boxes, type the city and state of the loss location.
  10. In the Other details box, type any additional details about the loss.

To add onsite services:

  1. In the Onsite Services section, select + Add Onsite Services. The Add Onsite Service dialog box will open.
  2. From the Service Type dropdown, select the type of onsite services provided. This is a required field.
  3. In the Report Number box, type the report number for the service provided.
  4. In the Authority Name box, type the name of who authorized the onsite service. This is a required field.
  5. In the Contact Name box, type the name of the contact.
  6. In the Contact Phone box, type the phone number for the contact.
  7. Select Save.

When you’re finished adding information in the Loss Details screen, select Continue.

Usage considerations

  • Information added in the Loss Details section will populate the Loss Information section and Loss Location section of the claim file’s and exposure file’s Details screen. Information from the Loss Details screen will also populate the menu of FNOL steps.
  • When you add an onsite service, the information you add won’t create a party record. The onsite service you add won’t automatically appear in the Step 6 – Additional Parties screen.