Step 4 – Rating

On the Rating screen, you can identify the coverages, items, limits, and deductibles that will be included in the policy, as well as provide additional information about the risk/property. The rate is determined by this information.

In the Provider Administrator portal, you can filter the information on the Rating screen by selecting one of the following under Filter Information:

  • Show Limits & Deductibles Only
  • Show All Required Questions
  • Show All Questions

Coverage types

On the Rating screen, you will see sections for two types of coverages: Property Coverages and Policy-Wide Coverages. The coverages that appear in these sections are based on the coverages/items added in the Primary Exposures and Policy Wide sections in the Lines module.

Navigate through coverages and line items

You can navigate through coverages and line items in three main ways.

  • BriteCore highlights fields on the Rating screen that are blank and required. This ensures you can easily locate the information that must be completed to calculate a rate. You can also navigate to each blank field by selecting the Go to Next Blank Field button.

    Note: This option depends on configuration.

  • Scroll through the Rating screen or press the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate to each blank field.
  • Navigate to the right sidebar and select the coverage/item you want to view. BriteCore will automatically direct you to that section on the Rating screen.

Add additional coverages

  1. Select + Add coverages or items in the right sidebar. The Add Coverages or Other Items dialog box will open.
  2. Select Risk-level Items or Policy-level Items.
  3. Use the Search for a Line Item or Subline box to search for an item or locate the item you want to add.
  4. Select the associated checkbox of the line item you want to add.
  5. Select Add Selected Items.

When you add an additional coverage/item, it will display on the Rating screen. If you add a Risk-level Item, the item/coverage will appear beneath the Property Coverages & Items. If you add a Policy-level Item, the item/coverage will appear beneath the Policy Coverages & Items.

Calculate rate

When you’re finished providing information about the risk and you have selected all coverages and items you want to add to the policy, select Calculate Rate.

Note: The Calculate Rate button appears both at the bottom of the Rating screen and in the right sidebar.

When the rate is calculated, the Annual Total will appear beneath the Rating Information section on the Rating screen and under the + Add coverages or items link in the right sidebar.

View or send Declaration

Depending on the configuration, the following links will appear after the rate has been calculated:

  • Preview Policy Declaration: When you select this link, a pdf of the Declaration will open in the window. You can download it or print it.
  • Email Quote Summary: When you select this link, the Email Quote Information dialog box will open. By default, the Declaration will be attached to the email. You can complete the To field, add additional information to the Body, and select Send Email.

Next steps

When you are ready to move on to the next step, select Continue Adding Policy.