Step 5 – Damaged Properties

The next step in the FNOL process is to complete the Damaged Properties screen. On the Damaged Properties screen, you can add damaged property, the owner of the damaged property, and a description of the damage that occurred. This is specific to the line of business or product.

To add damaged property:

  1. Select + Add Damaged Property. The Add Damaged Property dialog box will open.
  2. From the Property Type dropdown list, select the type of property that was damaged in the loss event.
  3. In the Property Location box, type the current location and/or a short description of the damaged property.
  4. In the Property and Damaged Details box, type a narrative description of the damage that occurred to the property.
  5. Select Save.
  6. To add additional damaged properties, repeat steps 1-5. The damaged property you add will appear in the Properties table on the Damaged Properties screen.

To add the owner of the damaged property:

  1. In the Owner column and the row associated with the desired damaged property, select + Add Owner. A dropdown list of possible owners will appear.
    1. If the owner of the damaged property is in the dropdown list, select the correct name.
    2. If the owner of the damaged property isn’t in the dropdown list, select Add New Party. The Add Party dialog box will open. By default, the Add Party dialog box will display the Search for an Existing Contact dialog box.
      1. If the party exists in the system, search for the party in the Add Party dialog box. See Search for an existing contact.
      2. If the party doesn’t exist in the system, select Add new contact as party, select if the party is an Individual or an Organization, and then add contact information. See Add new contact as party – Individual or Add new contact as party – Organization for more information.

To edit Damaged Property Information:

  1. In the Properties table, select the row of the damaged property you want to edit. The damaged property tree will open and display Damaged Property Information.
  2. Select Edit in the Damaged Property Information section. The Edit Damaged Property Information dialog box will open.
  3. Use the above steps for adding damaged property to guide you as you make edits. See Add or edit damaged property information.
  4. Select Save when you’re finished editing fields.

If damaged property is added in error, you can delete it, by:

  1. In the Properties table, navigate to the Actions column of the damaged property entry you want to delete and select the ellipsis.
  2. Select Delete. The system will automatically remove the damaged property.

Complete the Damaged Properties screen

When you’re finished adding information to the FNOL’s Damaged Properties screen, select Continue to move to the next section.

Usage consideration

  • Information added to Damaged Properties during the FNOL will populate in the claim file’s Damaged Properties and Damaged Property Details screens.
  • When you add the owner of third-party damaged property, consider the following:
    • The owner can be any party except the named insured(s).
    • One owner can own multiple damaged properties.
    • Vehicle owners, drivers, and passengers can own third-party damaged properties.