Step 7 – Add Injuries

The next step in the FNOL process is to add injuries. In the FNOL’s Injuries screen, you can add injuries and add and edit the Injury & Severity section.

Note: In Step 4 – Vehicles, when a party is added to a vehicle as the Driver or Passenger, the + Add Injury link displays. If you add an injured party in Step 4 – Vehicles, the injured party will automatically populate in the Step 7 – Injuries screen.

To add injuries:

  1. Select + Add Injury. The Add Injury dialog box will open.
  2. From the Select Injury Party dropdown list, select the party associated with the FNOL that was injured.
  3. From the Injury Type dropdown list, select the injury type. You can select only one type of injury.
  4. From the Body Part(s) Injured dropdown list, select the body part(s) impacted by this injury. You can select more than one option.
  5. In the Injury Description Narrative box, type a description of the injury that occurred.
  6. For the question Was party transported to hospital from scene?, select Yes or No.
  7. For the question Head Injury, select Yes or No.
  8. For the question Loss of Limb, select Yes or No.
  9. For the question Loss of Consciousness, select Yes or No.
  10. For the question Fatality, select Yes or No.
  11. In the Describe any current medical conditions box, type current medical conditions of the injured party.
  12. For the question Did the party have prior injuries?, select Yes or No.
  13. In the Description of Previous Injuries box, type a description of previous injuries.
  14. For the question Medicare eligible?, select Yes or No.
  15. In the HICN box, type the health insurance care number.
  16. When you’re finished adding the injury, select Save.

Note: When answering the Yes/No questions, if the answer is unknown, don’t select Yes or No. No response indicates the answer is unknown.

To add or edit the Injury & Severity:

  1. In the Add any injuries table, select the row of the injured party you want to add or edit information for. The injury tree will open and display the Injury & Severity section.
  2. Select Edit in the Injury & Severity section. The Edit Injury & Severity dialog box will open.
  3. Use the steps above to edit the Injury & Severity section.

Usage consideration

When you add information to the FNOL’s Injuries screen, it will populate in the Injuries, Injury Details, and Vehicles screens of the claim file.