Stock deliverables overview

BriteCore provides a set of approximately 25 stock deliverables that cover basic insurance documents like declarations, billing statements, notices of cancellation, etc. These are static; the ability to customize them is minimal.

Stock deliverables in BriteCore:

  • Are available out of the box.
  • Cover the basic policy lifecycle.
  • Have fixed components in some instances.
  • Allow minor customization and the addition of paragraphs and signatures.

Sample deliverables include:

  • Declaration
  • Initial Billing Statement
  • Edit and Reprint an invoice (Administrators)
  • Renewal Billing Statement
  • Change billing schedule (Administrators)
  • Edit and Reprint an invoice (Administrators)
  • Installment Billing Statement
  • Change billing schedule (Admin user)
  • Edit and Reprint an invoice (Administrators)
  • Amended Billing Statement
  • Notice of Non-Renewal
  • Notice of Cancellation
  • Confirmation of Cancellation
  • Notice of Reinstatement
  • Claim Acknowledgment Letter
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Schedule
  • Quote Summary
  • Policy Application
  • Continuation of Coverage – Non-Pay
  • Continuation of Coverage – Other
  • Reminder Notice – Renewal Billing
  • Combined Billing Statement
  • Insured Letter
  • Loss Notice
  • Notification of Property Reinsurance

View samples of BriteCore’s stock deliverables.