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StoneRiver PTE integration overview

StoneRiver PTE is accounting software you can integrate with BriteCore.

Note: StoneRiver PTE is now Sapiens Financial GO.


With the StoneRiver PTE integration, BriteCore produces return premium, claim payment, and commission payment files to export to StoneRiver.


StoneRiver PTE integration benefits:

  • BriteCore creates monthly folders for return premiums, claims payments, and commission payments.
  • During each nightly process, BriteCore creates dated files for qualifying return premium and claim payment transactions.
  • At the end of each month, BriteCore generates a commission file and attaches the export file to the month in which the commissions are processed.


StoneRiver PTE integration considerations:

  • The integration works only one way: BriteCore to StoneRiver.

    Example: Check numbers aren’t exported back to BriteCore.

  • Claims transactions are separated into three types:
    • LAE with FEIN: Creates a TransactionRecord along with a DistributionRecord.
    • LAE without FEIN: Creates a TransactionRecord along with a PayeeAddressRecord.
    • Normal payment: Creates a TransactionRecord, four CheckDescriptionRecords, and a PayeeAddressRecord.

Supported products

Table 1 displays the files and record types that StoneRiver accepts and BriteCore supports.

Table 1: FIles and record types StoneRiver accepts and BriteCore supports.

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