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StoneRiver setup

StoneRiver is a line of business accounting software. BriteCore produces return premium, claim payment, and commission payment files to import into StoneRiver.

Supported products

Table 1 displays the files and record types that StoneRiver accepts and BriteCore supports.

Table 1: FIles and record types StoneRiver accepts and BriteCore supports.

General setup

To complete the general setup:

  1. Contact StoneRiver.
  2. Complete the required StoneRiver paperwork.
  3. Work with StoneRiver to install the software and train your staff on StoneRiver processes.

BriteCore setup

To set up StoneRiver in BriteCore:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Vendors.
  3. On the Vendors screen, navigate to and select StoneRiver.
  4. Next to StoneRiver, select the edit icon .
  5. In the StoneRiver dialog box, complete the following steps:

    Note: Each account number should be 24 digits long.

    1. In the Expense Account Numbers box, type the applicable account number.
    2. In the Expense LAE Expense Account Numbers box, type the applicable account number.
    3. In the Expense Payable Account Numbers box, type the applicable account number.
    4. Select Done.

BriteCore processing

Folder Creation

If a qualifying return premium, claim payment, or commission payment exists, a folder will be created for the month.

Example: StoneRiver March 2016.

To locate the folder:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Reports.
  2. In the Reports menu, select Attachments.
  3. On the Attachments screen, navigate to the applicable folder.

Return premiums and claim payments

During the overnight process, BriteCore checks for qualifying transactions. If a transaction exists, a dated file will be created in the month’s folder.

The folder can contain files for return premiums and claims payments:

  • Return premiums: REFYYYYMMDD.txt
  • Claim payments: CLMYYYYMMDD.txt

Note: Dates matter. The date of the file will be today.

You will review transactions generated during yesterday’s business, or in the case of return premiums, policies that canceled overnight and generated a return premium.


At the end of each month, BriteCore will generate a commission file: COMYYYYMMDD.txt.

The commission export files are attached to the month in which they are run.

Example: December commissions would appear in the January folder as the commissions are processed on the first of each month:

Claim transactions

Claim transactions are separated into three distinct types:

  • LAE with FEIN
  • LAE without FEIN
  • Normal payment

LAE transactions correspond to contacts with either a FEIN or the following BriteCore roles:

  • Attorney
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Contractor
  • Inspector
  • Loss Payee
  • Vendor

Each type of claims export contains different types of records.

Depending on the available information in BriteCore, the StoneRiver export will generate the following:

  • LAE with FEIN: Creates a TransactionRecord and a DistributionRecord. Attaching a FEIN to the contact allows BriteCore to use a DistributionRecord to link up with the database in the client’s PTE.
    • Example: A claims adjuster.
  • LAE without FEIN (LAE role): Creates a TransactionRecord and a PayeeAddressRecord. Since the contact is missing the FEIN, BriteCore exports the address record.
    • Example: An attorney without a FEIN.
  • Normal Payment: Creates a TransactionRecord, four CheckDescriptionRecords, and a PayeeAddressRecord.
    • Example: A normal check.

The display on check data stored with a transaction adds invoice tracking in the voucher field on TransactionRecords.

Example: claim_transactions.checkDisplay.

Since the LAE transaction exports don’t include CheckDescriptionRecords, the voucher reference gets printed on checks instead.

Note: Clients need to manually add tracking information when transactions are created in BriteCore.

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