Stripe destination account

BriteCore clients using Stripe can now use the Stripe Connect Platform account, allowing them to have a centralized list of customers and leverage the destination charges feature to transfer charges to connected accounts.

Note: This is an optional feature when using the existing Stripe integration.

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As additional states are offered, you can use BriteCore system tags to configure a new Stripe destination account.

Note: The Stripe Connect Account credentials and usage remain the same when adding additional accounts.

Stripe Connect Platform

When making a payment using Stripe, you can use the Stripe Connect Platform to use a destination account for the payment.

You will need to complete two tasks to set up the Stripe Connect Platform:

  1. Tag a policy type with the Stripe destination account system tag.
  2. Set up Stripe as the payment vendor.


Please direct all questions to your customer service representative and support team. Customer service and support teams can direct their questions to #pd-extensibility-int.