Stripe payment processing integration

Release Date: November 2020

Stripe is a third-party payment processing vendor that is now available as a payment processing option in BriteCore.


Stripe is integrated into both Classic Policies and BriteQuote.

With the Stripe integration, you can complete the following transactions:

  • Add a customer profile to Stripe

    Note: Once a customer profile is created, you can’t update the profile (name, address, email, etc.) through BriteCore.

  • Add a payment method (CC or ACH card) to a customer profile
  • Update a payment method
  • Process one-time payments
  • Start/stop automatic payments
  • Delete, void, or reverse payments

    Important: Voiding a payment in BriteCore doesn’t void it in Stripe. Once you void a payment in BriteCore, have an administrator void the payment in Stripe.


Stripe is set up so it can be configured with both test and production credentials, and it uses whichever credentials match the site status.


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team. Customer service and support teams can direct their questions to #pd-extensibility-int.

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