Submit an electronic payment

Credit card and bank account (ACH) payments are submitted on the Secure Checkout screen. See Secure Checkout overview for more information. 

Once you’ve reached the Secure Checkout screen, complete the following steps to submit an electronic payment: 

  1. Type the Amount of Payment. You can use the Amount of Payment dropdown list to select, Current Minimum Due, Current Account Balance, or Other, or you can type a dollar amount into the box.
  2. Select Credit Card or Bank Account (ACH).
  3. Enter the Payment Information.
    1. For a Credit Card payment, you will need to enter the following information: 
      1. Name
      2. Card Number
      3. Expiration Date
      4. CVC
    2. For a Bank Account (ACH) payment, you will need to enter the following information:
      1. Name
      2. Company (optional)
      3. Bank Name
      4. Account Type
      5. Routing Number
      6. Account Number
  4. Use the Previous and Next buttons to select a billing address for contacts associated with the policy, or use the Clear Address button and enter a different billing address.
  5. Select Submit Payment.

You can use the View Unpaid Invoices button to view the bill date, due date, installment amount, and account balance for all unpaid invoices on a policy.