Step 8 – Submit claim

On the Submit Claim screen, the system prompts you to review the information gathered during the FNOL workflow. You can also add a manual claim number and submit the claim.

Review information

You can review information by selecting any of the sections that appear in the FNOL right sidebar, with the exception of the Policy Search section. When you select a section, the system will direct you to the associated screen, where you can review and edit the information. When you’re finished reviewing, select Submit Claim from the sidebar and you will return to the Submit Claim screen.

Enter manual claim number

The Manual Claim Number section provides information on when to use manual claim numbers and a field to add a manual claim number. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: View of the Submit Claim screen with the Manual Claim Number section.

To access information about when to use manual claim numbers, select the tooltip. See number 1 in Figure 1. The tooltip provides the following information:

Manual Claim Numbers are used when manually rekeying claim information from another system.

To add a manual claim number, in the Manual Claim Number box, type the claim number you want to add. See number 2 in Figure 1.

Note: If you add a claim number that already exists in the system, a warning message will appear; you will be prompted to type a different claim number.

Submit FNOL

When you’re ready to submit the FNOL, select Submit at the bottom of the screen.

You will be directed to the Claim Submitted screen and notified about the claim number by the following statement:

The Claim number is: <Claim number>.

From the Claim Submitted screen, you can:

  • View the recently submitted claim by selecting the claim number link.
  • Continue to claim assignment, by selecting Continue to Assign Adjuster. You will be directed to the Assign Adjuster screen. See Assign Adjuster overview for more information.
  • File another claim by selecting File Another Claim. You will be directed to the FNOL Drafts screen. See FNOL Drafts overview for more information.