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SunGard integration overview

SunGard is a ledger software that you can use to track and issue checks.


The integration allows BriteCore to export financial transaction data to SunGard, which produces and sends both return premium and claims payment checks.


SunGard integration benefits:

  • The integration allows data transfer between BriteCore and SunGard.
  • BriteCore creates SunGard-compatible CSV files for financial transactions, which are accessible for reference in BriteCore.


SunGard integration considerations:

  • SunGard doesn’t support commission payments.
  • The export format for SunGard is hardcoded into BriteCore.
  • If you want to immediately export the Pending Payments page, you must manually export it; otherwise, it won’t export until the next nightly batch process.

Supported products

BriteCore supports SunGard.

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Need help with a specific integration?

Related topics

Need help with a specific integration?